Deception Gallery

Well, it’s about time! Here are a few images that inspired the book Deception. Deception is the second Mini Shriekerbook in the Forgotten Princess series and is available at Amazon and other online retailers now.

One of the species common to Ress Janoa is a nocturnal beast called a Mini Shrieker.  This lizard is known for its deafening scream, a defense mechanism to counteract its incredibly small size. This beauty was originally designed by the artist Sayla Barnes, and though it was imagined, along with some of the other creatures some time before Forgotten Princess, it proved to be the perfect addition to this galaxy.

Annalicia Valle, another artist whom I speak very highly of, and whose work is actually feNME Dark Generalatured on Deception, and will soon be featured on the cover of Conspiracy as well, designed a great collection of robots in her series Chess Kingdom. This was the black knight, but served as the inspiration for the NME General.

Of course, Annalicia also envisioned the Escudo who later became Mahgi. His upper torso is featured on  the book cover for Deception, but this is him as original designed by her. You may recall that his eyes glow red in the darkness. The way he rolls into a ball for his defense gave me the impression hEscudoe was sort of like an armadillo, and I wrote him as a massive sentient armadillo in Deception.

Really, were it not for Annalicia’s creations seen here, there may not have been the book Deception.

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