Impulse Gallery

Mutated Lizan Guard

The lizan (Gavyn, Beltros, and Jarvik) were based on a concept created by Yanissa Bumroongrachahirun. Though she gave me very few details about them, I knew that Gavyn had to fill the role of my queen’s hired assassin. (More will be explained in Conspiracy when it is released later this Fall.)

Jendra is a gwalfling, a young gwalf. Her inspiration came from this picture created by Sayla Barnes.

Another character referred to briefly is Wimbly, a Noussa, bound to his pet tyroth Essi. Binding is a genetic ability in certain sentient beings and creatures which allows them to communicate and develop a deep trust in one another. Wimbly was also created by Sayla Barnes. Originally, the Noussa were not sentient. But I saw something in him and thankfully, Sayla saw it too.

Noussa Playable with Tyroth (bird scout)


Before I met Sayla, she also created a series of more beastly creatures. One of these which came to play a prominent role in Impulse was the notorious Je’rax, a beast which supposedly held free reign over the caves in Jendra’s world. The Je’rax was often referred to in warnings to stay inside of Tranoudor City.

The Queen Kalysta has a series of robots under her command. Annalicia Valle donated her gallery known as chess kingdom as an inspiration for the robots. But one which did not appear in this collection was the Scarab. I described the scarab to fit with the color scheme of the others, but this was her original work.

Finally, I wanted to draw your attention to a charming species of inventors. Among their unique traits is a life-expectancy nearing 1,000 years. These ones are called Karesh. And though I originally imagined the Karesh myself, it was Albert Perez who introduced my imagination to his canvas. The result:

The last seen here is Zora Flutterwheel who is introduced in the conclusion of Impulse. The others have a significant role later in the series.

I will be adding a gallery for each of the books as they are released. As you can tell, the contributions of these artists helped me to craft Forgotten Princess series more than words can say. Many thanks to these wonderful artists for their contributions.

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